Built from the best materials

Both the Tractive Motorsport transmissions and the Pentruder machines are built from the best materials, chosen for their strength and high quality. Solid billets of aerospace aluminum are machined to create light weight, yet very strong, machines. High quality special alloy steels are used for high strength gears, shafts and other stressed parts.

Aluminium components

By using high quality material for our Pentruder equipment we can be sure that the quality and integrity of every structural part is secured and that there is no hidden porosity in the part. Because of the high strength of the material every structural part can be as light and possible.

Steel components

For steel parts transmitting power or holding the machine together, we only use high quality steel alloys, perfectly suitable for the job they have to do. Here we have been able to use our wide experience from race car transmissions, were we are recognised as a leading company as well. What we have learnt in the process of designing and building winning race and rally car transmissions, has gone straight in to the wall saws. Without this experience from designing and machining highly stressed gears, shafts etc. We could not have designed the Pentruder equipment to be  so strong, yet lightweight. In a competition gearbox or transmission virtually all components are very carefully stressed and analysed by the designers. Great efforts go into reducing weight and inertia of all rotating components as well as slimming down housings while at the same time trying to keep or even improve structural stiffness and integrity.

We machine all parts in house in our modern production equipment.